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Light Week

Most weeks I am doing some sort of activity at least 6 of the days, taking one day off. This was the week to take a few days off.


Workouts for the Week of June 15 - 21

Monday, June 15

My usual no-swim Monday was met with my 3.3 mile run. I wasn't feeling particularly energetic, so I just kept it simple.

Total Distance: 3.3 miles

Total Time: 37 minutes, 35 seconds


Tuesday, June 16

Last week I had a cranky shoulder. I've been paying close attention to it to make sure and not aggravate it. When I went out on today's swim I was thinking about my shoulder, but it was feeling ok. I had stretched and warmed it up.

The water was quite cold today and my tattered wet suit didn't help. Our original plan was to do two triangles. After the first triangle, I decided not to take any undue risk so I stopped at that point. My shoulder didn't hurt, but it was talking to me. Looking at the workout, it sort of makes me chuckle that it was so short. There was a time when this would have been an average workout.

When I got out I was quite chilled. I even made a cup of hot tea when I got home and I never really felt warmed up, even though it was a really nice day.


Wednesday, June 17

I decided to just do another run. I had thought about doing an hour on the bike trainer, but the thought of putting pressure on my shoulder (leaning forward on the handlebars) wasn't attractive. So, another run. I decided to give it some umph today. That backfired with a big knot in my calf 3/4 of the way through. The calf knot was enough for me to say, "maybe my body needs a break." I don't know if I'm dehydrated, not getting enough protein, or what, but when it starts misbehaving, I've learned to stop. So... break time.


Thursday, June 18

I know I just said I was going to take a break. But, I was invited to go water skiing (which means a trip to the lake, which means a swim in the lake). Sure! I did do some water skiing and it was fun. But more fun was getting dropped off by the boat and going for a swim. Knowing that I had just promised myself a break, I told the folks in the boat to pick me up in 15 minutes. Just enough time to get a fix, not enough time to do anything too stupid.

The water was a wonderful 76 degrees. As usual, no visibility, not even to see my hands. I've grown accustomed to being able to see 10 - 20 feet in the ocean (which means I can see the abyss; the sea floor is too far down to see it). So, a quick swim it was.

I also recorded my boss's most epic wipeouts while we were waterskiing. Don't worry, he's fine (and my other boss was the boat driver, so it is all good).


Friday, June 19

Nothing! I did nothing! I didn't even walk my full 10,000 steps (fell short at 8,978 steps). I hope my body enjoyed that!


Saturday, June 20

More of nothing! I was doing chores all day, so I more than did my 10,000 steps. But a good recovery day. It has been a long time since I've taken two days off in a row.


Sunday, June 21

Feeling pretty good about my shoulder and thinking that it was primarily muscle soreness and fatigue, I decided to go out for a short, easy swim. I was so glad I did. The water was quite cold and hard to get into, particularly with the fog. But, I finally acclimated to the day and got going.

I decided to really give it some kicking to take extra strain off my shoulders. Holy pace! With an incoming tide and swell coming from the north-west, I thought I'd have seen slower times. Alas, my kicking paid off with some faster than usual times. I exited the water with my shoulders feeling pretty good and my hands and feet not feeling anything.


Totals for the Week

Total Swim Distance: 4,111 yards

Total Swim Time: 1 hour, 22 minutes

We'll see how I feel next week.


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