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Just Some Running

The week started off with gale force winds, weather alerts, power outages and otherwise beautiful weather. I had planned a couple of swims in San Francisco Bay and they got nixed.

It is a taper week for running since I have a trail run race on Saturday. I'm under-prepared for the trail run.


Workouts for the Week of October 11, 2021

Monday, October 11

My planned swim in the ocean was cancelled due to weather.

However, I did get a bike ride in. I decided that with the high winds that I didn't want to do any sort of spectacular riding, so I just went to Golden Gate Park and rode through there. It is so fun that an entire street is closed off just for bikes, runners and pedestrians. I really love no cars! So, I rode up and down and all around the park. I had planned to ride along the ocean's edge at the west end, but the sand was absolutely blasting off the beach and I was not wanting any of that mess. So, I stuck with the inner roads of the park.


Tuesday, October 12

Again, my planned swim in the ocean was cancelled due to weather. No workouts today.


Wednesday, October 13

It was time to leave San Francisco and head home. Once home, I just did a quick run along the rail trail. I felt stiff and slow having just gotten out of the car after a 4 hour drive.

I did have good energy on the run so I feel good going into this weekend's race. I know it will be more than I'm in shape for, but I do look forward to getting out on the trail with my fellow runners. Bonus: the run is on the mountains above the ocean, so if there is no fog, the views will be outstanding.


Thursday, October 14

Nothing. Just work. A taper rest day.


Friday, October 15

Strides! Coach T scheduled me for a short 15 minute run with strides with a full 2-3 minute recovery. Wow it has been a lifetime since I've done strides! I felt thick and heavy as I started doing them, with my feet pounding the pavement. After a couple of sets I got my form figured out and did much better with the last set in particular. Feeling accomplished and energized, I walked back home ready to hit the trails for Saturday's race. Wish me luck.


Saturday, October 16

Race day! Wow. What a beautiful day for a trail run. The weather was over-the-top perfect and it was a small group of runners racing distances ranging from 8k to 50k. Signed up for the 13k, I had set a goal of beating two hours for the run, knowing full well that there would be a march up Valencia Peak mid-way through. The run along the bluff was easy and fast and the gentle climb to the base of Valencia had some easy rollers mixed with occasional stair steppers.

At the top of Valencia Peak, I grabbed my rubber band to prove my ascent, took the obligatory photo, and began my descent. The deep cove in the photo just to the right of my elbow is where the start/finish line is.

The descent was great fun, running along single track trail, just moving my legs underneath me to keep up with gravity pulling me down the hill. As I got closer to the ocean I checked my watch and realized I could still make a sub-2:00 finish. So, I picked it up and squeaked in at an official finish time of 1:59:04. Good enough for me!


Sunday, October 17

Today was just a rest day. My legs were a tad sore, but nothing that stopped me from enjoying my day.


Totals for the Week

Swim: nope, nada.

Total Bike Distance: 32 km

Total Bike Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Total Run Distance: 20.4 km

Total Run Time: 2 hours 49 minutes


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