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It really is pretty simple. I'm just a kook who likes to swim; I got a new GoPro so I have media; and I have some time to write about it. So here we are. I make no amazing claims, I do no amazing things, and I'm certainly nobody special. Just me. So, enjoy. Or Don't.

So you are still reading. Ok, then. I live in San Luis Obispo and, for the most part, always have. I was born in SoCal and my parents moved back to my mom's hometown when I was 5. I've lived in the same 0.5 mile radius ever since. 

I swim and always have. The water calls my name and I want to swim in every body of water I come across. Alas, I shall take to the waters and adventure there. 

Why do this blog thingy? Well, I'm always scouring the internet for interesting swims. Maybe this one will help you find some interesting swims. That's it!

Swim on.

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