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Getting Back in the Groove

I'm not going to lie... my three days in the mountains, coupled with all of my upcoming events and competitions being cancelled, has left me unmotivated. The weather is the typical June Gloom and I just want to be warm and dry. So, I do what seems to work for me when I get in a slump - I get out there with other people. I am so glad I got back at it!


Workouts for the week of June 1 - 7, 2020

Monday, June 1

Like I said, I wasn't particularly motivated to swim. I did, however, log an hour on my bike trainer. I also did some yoga and stretching to untie my knotted up legs and back after my camping adventure.


Tuesday, June 2

Again, not motivated to swim. I look at the Surfline camera and the fog is low and thick. I opt for a run. After my run I did some squats, lunges, and core work. Oh my. That hurt.

Run Distance: 3.3 miles

Run Time: 37 minutes, 19 seconds


Wednesday, June 3

Too much fog. I did an hour on the bike trainer instead. I also did some yoga and stretching. My legs are stiff and concrete after my lunges and squats.


Thursday, June 4

Wednesday night I decided that I simply must get back into the water. I emailed my mates and they said that they would be toes-in at 9:00 am. I reorganized everything around being out there at 9:00. I am so glad I did! The water was epic-warm at 60 - 62F, light texture, moderate swell, and beautiful air. One of our mates is quite fast and he loitered around with us for the first quarter of the swim and then went on ahead. My other mate is just about the same exact pace as me. We carried on and did our route and finished up in just over 70 minutes. We hung out in the warm surf for a few minutes marveling at the warmth of the water and speculating that it most certainly won't last long.

In the evening I went for a quick run and did some stretching. My legs continue to be tight and achy after my lunges and squats from Tuesday. Oof. I need to work on that!

Total Run Distance: 3.3 miles

Total Run Time: 38 minutes, 40 seconds


Friday, June 4

My co-workers talked me into a dawn patrol surf session. I paddled out at around 5:40 into 4-6' surf. I'm on a 9'4" long board (Yater Spoon). I enjoyed a few big sets and as the crowd came out I surfed my way north up the beach a bit and stuck with catching small peaks and corners. Several of the sets that came through were overhead and I left those waves for the others and stuck with the little ones or reforms. It was nice to be out in the ocean, but I think I might prefer just a plain old ocean swim.


Saturday, June 5

I met up with my swim mates mid-morning for another 2 mile swim. We did the same swim as Thursday, except in reverse. The swim was a real challenge with wind-whipped water and sizable chop. We swam south to buoy 4 and from there for another 45 minutes we swam straight into the chop and push. I thought we'd have a nice ride home between the end of the Cal Poly Pier and the Avila Pier, but the tide wanted to push us out to sea. We swam at a near 90 degree angle to shore and made eventual progress to the Avila Pier. I though we'd over shoot the pier, but we came in just south of it and made our way to shore. The water wasn't nearly as warm, but it was still nice enough.


Sunday, June 6

What a perfect ending to the week! I went to visit a friend and we went out on their land lease at Lake San Antonio. I always like to jump in the water when we are out there. Today the wind was whipping and there were some white caps on the water. Normally, I'd want to just swim across the lake, but this time I swam out 50 yards and then swam up the lake. I don't know what happened to my GPS, but I was actually swimming for just over 30 minutes and I probably went a mile.

The best part of the swim was the water temperature! It was 72F! I couldn't believe how warm it was and how wonderful it felt. After swimming up and back, I frolicked in the water for a while, enjoying the warmth. Alas, I had to get out, knowing my friend was growing bored. I know I will be back for more swimming here.


Totals for the Week

Total Swim Time: 2 hours, 49 minutes Total Swim Distance: 8,355 yards

Total Run Time: 6.6 miles

Total Run Distance: 1 hour, 16 minutes

Total Bike Trainer Time: 2 hours, 45 minutes


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