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A Journey to the Pool

With COVID-19 restrictions still very prominent in life, I just haven't even tried to get to the pool (which involves reserving a lane). After finally yielding to the fact that I'm just not able to get away to the beach with the same regularity I used to have, I decided to just get a swim in and take any lane at any time. I'm not quick on the reservations, with most lanes getting filled the instant they open the reservation window. So, I am aiming for taking cancellations. In the end, I was glad I did so. I could feel the difference when I swam in the ocean a couple of days later.


Workouts for the Week of October 26, 2020

Monday, October 26

Today was a run day and I decided to start mixing in some moderate hills. I was glad I did that because my heart rate jumped. Clearly, I have work to do in this area. My legs felt good and the run went by quickly.

Total Time: 40 minutes, 33 seconds

Total Distance: 3.6 miles


Tuesday, October 27

Today was supposed to be a swim day. But I just couldn't pull away.


Wednesday, October 28

This was a Run With Shelley Day. This has been a highlight of my week. It has been so very dark when we start our runs, with the time change yet to happen. This was also the first morning where it has been less than 50°F, with our starting temperature at 44°F. We plucked our way along the rail trail in the darkness, with the sky lightening more as we ran.

Total Time: 37 minutes, 15 seconds

Total Distance: 3.4 miles


Thursday, October 29

I finally secured a lane at lap pool at the local university. My lane time was from 7 - 8 pm. I stood in a socially distanced line and waded through the safety protocol to finally get to Lane 9 at the pool. I hopped right in and set in on warming up. My first 100 yards may have been a little over-excited, with my pace a 1:22. I quickly dropped down to a 1:30 pace.

600 warm up

6 x 100 alternating Pull, Swim

2 x 300, first 300 with the power breather

6 x 100 alternating Breast, Free

500 cool down

It was a pretty unstructured pool session, but it felt great to just be back in the water, working on my stroke. I really, really need that.


Friday, October 30

Another run with Shelley day. This was our darkest day, but the temperature was a few degrees warmer at 50°F. We are starting to pick up the pace a bit.

Total Time: 37 minutes, 58 seconds

Total Distance: 3.4 miles


Saturday, October 31

Today was an excellent Halloween Ocean Swim. The young ladies (aka, smoking fast) we normally swim with did a pier to pier swim, going 10k from Avila Beach Pier to Pismo Beach Pier. This is a swim I hope to do some day. The few of us old swimmers did a mix of long and short. I ended up with 3,000 yards in just under an hour. I had a bungle on my Garmin and missed a leg of the swim.

The water was a perfect 60°F and visibility of 20 feet.

Total Distance: 3,000 yards

Total Time: 58 minutes


Sunday, November 1

Wow! The water quality today was possibly the best I've ever had in San Luis Bay. Flat and glassy, visibility of 20 foot plus, 60°F water temp, 80°F air temp. There was absolutely nothing to complain about today. Except the otters that were lounging in our pathway. I think we spent more time lounging, floating, and taking underwater shots than we did swimming. I was a little tired from yesterday, but overall felt great. I will miss these conditions as we enter winter.


Totals for the Week

Swim Duration: 2 hours, 41 minutes

Swim Distance: 8,578 yards

Run Duration: 1 hour, 54 minutes

Run Distance: 10.4 miles

Overall, I'm happy with the week's workouts.


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