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Swimming: New Normal

Pools are closed. Beaches are starting to close. The swimming window is narrowing. I'm not disappointed; it is in our best interest. So, I'm swimming when I can and doing other fitness routines when I can't.


Workouts for the Week of March 23, 2020

Monday, March 23

Rain, rain, rain. So, today was 60 minutes in Zwift and 30 minutes of yoga.


Tuesday, March 24

I was absolutely slammed at work dealing with one fire drill after another. I did not get to exercise. My husband dragged me from my chair to do 30 minutes of yoga, and I was extremely grateful.


Wednesday, March 25

Still rainy. I've decided that my foot has been calm enough for the last few weeks to try to do a brief run on the treadmill. So, I taped my foot, warmed up my Achilles and calves, and gave it a go.

Treadmill Run

5 minutes walking (3.3 mph)

5 x {3:00 run @ 6.0 mph; 2:00 walk @ 3.2 mph)

Cool down

Post-run, I felt fine. I jumped on the bike trainer for 30 minutes of Zwift.

Before dinner, I did 30 minutes of yoga and focused on keeping my calves stretched out.


Thursday, March 26

It is a swim day! The rain has been sporadic enough to allow for an ocean swim. So, to the beach! Our scheduled swim time was 12:30 and it was already very windy with white caps. No matter. We are swimming anyway.

A rain cloud was lingering offshore, but it did not threaten to thunder, so we suited up and headed in. The water was quite wonderful. The ducky read 59F and it felt like it really was 59F. The water was also quite clear.

The wind chop was pretty substantial so I wasn't able to do as much stroke work as I wanted to. I had to pop my head up to get air above the splash. I did practice bilateral 3/2/1 breathing patterns, but had to time my stroke to match the crests of the wind waves. I found it rather fun and enjoyed the challenge of it. The swell and tide pushed me away from shore while working against me as I worked from the point to the pier. It was an absolute blast.


Friday, March 27

No workouts for me today. My brief run a few days ago left my calves in knots and my right foot arch achy and tender. Lesson learned: I'm not quite ready to run. Or I did too much too fast.


Saturday, March 28

Rest day! I did go for a drive to the national forest and go for a short hike to an old, abandoned homestead. The wildflower flowers are starting to bloom and the creeks are running. It was wonderful to be outside!


Sunday, March 29

Today was a little stormy and I was not able to get to the ocean, so back on Zwift for an hour.

I can tell my swimming fitness is slipping away. I haven't been particularly disciplined at doing dryland exercises. I'm hoping that next week I can log more swim sessions.

Several of the surf beaches are now closed, however my local swim spot remains open.


Totals for the Week

Total Swim = 2,591 Yards

53 minutes

My total bike time was 2 hours 31 minutes, total run for 30 minutes, and 2 hours of yoga. So, I did use my body, just not in the water.

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Tasting Tiffany
Tasting Tiffany
Aug 23, 2021

Great readiing

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