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Shark Week

What a week. It started with a pulled calf muscle, added a shark, and fell apart from there. A lot of things caught up with me this week, so it was a recovery and safety week.


Workouts for the Week of June 22 - 28

Monday, June 22

I've gotten into the habit of running on Mondays and stuck to it and head out on a run. Part way through it my right calf started really balling up and quickly pulled. So, I hobbled home.

Total Time: 40 minutes (mostly walking)

Total Distance: 2.8 miles


Tuesday, June 23

This was actually a very wonderful swim. The water was so warm - just a touch over 60°F - and the water was still clear and clean. We are squarely in June Gloom, with the fog socked in, keeping the water calm and flat. I have finally given up on my wetsuit and traded it out for my even older, yet in better shape, wetsuit.

We were happy to see a sailboat anchored in the bay, which gave us a new destination to swim to. We did our usual Avila Pier, buoy line, Cal Poly Pier, with a swim-by of the sail boat. It was great! As we headed out along the Cal Poly Pier, we spotted a couple of SUPs paddling just about 100 yards ahead of us. Nothing unusual, so we just kept swimming. We would later learn from the lifeguards that they (other lifeguards) were following a 10 foot great white shark. The guards did see us swimming TOWARDS the shark, but the shark paid no attention and was swimming away from us and our swim area. This sighting, plus a handful of other confirmed sightings in the bay during the week, was enough for me to hang up my goggles for a week.


The rest of my week involved massaging, icing, and rolling my cranky calf. I also decided to buy a new wetsuit, since I'm quickly running out of options. I haven't purchased a brand-spanking-new wetsuit in many years, having previously relied on buying used rental suits. So, a big week for me!

Lastly, on Sunday I was visiting with my best friend and she asked me to help get her (WalMart) bike in working order. I put new tires and tubes on, swapped out the saddle for a big cushy gel saddle, and gave it a general lube. I still need to get the shifters fixed up better. They are just stiff.

After we fixed up the bike, we went out for a ride out on the country roads where she lives. We logged 5.75 miles in 40 minutes and had an absolute blast.


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