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Rain & Sharks Over Swimming

What a wet beginning to the week. We had hard rains (if you can call any sort of California rain "hard") on Sunday and into Monday. The weather sort of cleared up on Monday and then we had more rain over night, so no swimming Tuesday. Wednesday was another wet day and then we had a smattering on Thursday. The first truly good weather happened on Friday and lasted through the weekend.


Workouts for the Week of April 6 - 12, 2020

Monday, April 6

No workouts for me today! From the moment I woke up, until the moment I ended my day, it was work, work, work. With the COVID-19 crisis and the constant fire drill, I am fearing that this is becoming too common.


Tuesday, April 7

Hurray! I had a webinar today. That always means time on the bike trainer. I kept it pretty simple since I really wanted to pay attention to the webinar, so I just pedaled around in Zwift and kept it easy.

With all the sedentary time I've had lately, and the lack of yoga and stretching, I'm keeping a close eye on my hips. They've been a little achy from my two paltry runs I've done.


Wednesday, April 8

Well, my foot feels okay, so back at it with another run. Today I did 5 minutes of running followed by 90 seconds of recovery, and repeated that five times. The run itself felt pretty good. I was very aware of the tightening of my lower legs. I still have so much work to do with my mobility and agility. It is frustrating. But the finished run felt fulfilling and rejuvenating. I do miss running.


Thursday, April 9

Still rainy, so back on the bike. Again, during a webinar. My legs were pretty toasted after the run yesterday! As the hour wore on, my legs wore out. I didn't even make it through the hour, deciding to call it quits just before the hour mark because my hips and knees and lower legs were getting cranky.

It has been very interesting to see how crowded Zwift has become during the shelter-at-home times. I've never liked the worlds other than Watopia and it used to be kind of lonely in there.


Friday, April 10

A rest day. My legs are toast and my motivation is low. The weather has been beautiful today so I spent a lot of time working outside and even ventured to the beach and looked out over the ocean while on a call. There was threads of foam that had clearly come from the creek mouth, so I was glad to give the ocean a day to clear up before heading back into the waters.


Saturday, April 11

The sun is shining, the air is warm, the water is beautiful. It is swimming time again. I am so happy! Even more so, my favorite purple beach chair has mysteriously reappeared (in the trunk of my son's car). It was not lost.

As I gathered my swim gear, my son head out to the beach. On my way to the coast, he called, but I didn't answer because I was in the big truck. So, he text me. Shark!

So, I went on a scenic drive up the Big Sur Coast instead.


Sunday, April 12

Today was dark and cold. I had to get a swim in, so I braved the cold weather and head to the ocean. The water had a lot of texture on it and it just looked dark. Turns out that it was dark. The clouds and fog weren't letting the sun hit the water in a nice light, so into the dark water we swam!

Total time: 58 minutes

Distance: 2,690 yards

I tried doing some drills toward the end. My sense that I was swimming backwards may have been correct. I did catch up drill, knuckle drag drill, and zipper drill. I sure need to drills, but I don't think they were particularly helpful out in the chop and against the currents. Maybe I'll try again when the water is flat and calm.


Totals for the Week

1 hour of swimming

2 hours of bike trainer

43 minutes of running

I really hope I can get more swimming in this upcoming week. I need to keep up my fitness and I can tell I am loosing speed. Ugh.


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