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Going Longer

With a stubborn case of plantar fasciitis, I have returned to swimming for fitness and sanity. I tried opposing and rejecting the plantar fasciitis, going for super human status, but my foot did not play along and I finally resigned myself to life off the foot until otherwise healed. As a result of my bad attitude, my swim "training" thus far has been spotty and inconsistent.

Last 6 Months Swim History

As you can see, I dabbled for 3 months before I took it a little more seriously starting in December. When I finally gave up on using my foot, I tried to commit to 3 pool swims per week and have built from there.

With my competitive swimming background, getting back in swim shape hasn't been too difficult, but I am certainly slower that I ever have been.

Now that I have 3 months of semi-regular training, I am starting to day dream of bigger goals and swim targets. As a very goal-driven person, I need a goal swim that I can't currently attain so that I will be disciplined in my training. So, a 10k open water swim is my target. I don't actually have an event or swim route picked, but I do have a target fitness level that I am aiming for.


Workouts for the week of March 2 - 8, 2020

Monday, March 2

Focus: Recovery Swim

600 Free Warm Up

200 Kick

300 Pull

6 x {100 IM; 100 Free)

Cool Down

Total = 2,600

Overall the workout wasn't too difficult, but I came into it fatigued so I was done by the end. I've been working on the IM sets to get my core strength up and to switch up my stroke and give my shoulders new movement. I had plenty of rest on the sprints.


Tuesday, March 3

No swim today.

Rode 45 minutes on the bike trainer


Wednesday, March 4

Focus: Consistency

10 x 100 Free (1:45)

100 Recovery

10 x {100 IM; 100 Free}

100 Recovery

4 x 200 Free

I actually enjoyed this workout quite a bit. The first 10x100 went very well as I had plenty of energy and was focused on keeping my stroke in proper form and holding a consistent pace. I averaged a 1:26 across the 10 sets with my fastest at 1:24 and slowest at 1:27. My time degraded in 3s as I went from 1:24/5s to 1:26s to 1:27s for the final three. The rest of the workout was quick-ish with my 100 IMs coming in between 1:40 - 1:45 and the free coming in around 1:33.


Thursday, March 5

Rest Day


Friday, March 6

Focus: Style

600 Warm Up

2 x {150 Kick; 200 Pull}

7 x {100 IM; 200 Free}

Cool Down

I have been trying to straighten out a hitch on my left torso that has me bending sideways when I breathe. I worked on that with my pull sessions and the 200 free sessions. I'm getting better at it, but I still kink my body occasionally. I think it pops up when I'm fatigued.


Saturday, March 5

Pontoon making day! I had planned to swim, but spent my day making my pontoon.


Sunday, March 6

On Sundays I enjoy hooking up with the Avila Beach Dolphins.

The day before has been pretty stormy, but Sunday cleaned up quite nicely. We kept the swim short to avoid the north side of the pier where the creek drains into the ocean.

Check out Tom's recap of the swim here.

We spent a lot more time floating around in the ocean today. It was so beautiful in the water that we had to relax and enjoy.


Totals for the Week:

11,814 Yards

3 hours 29 minutes of swimming

45 minutes on the bike trainer


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