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Bait Balls and Whales

It is a light week of swimming, with my weekdays packed with work, leaving no time to swim. The days are getting shorter so a dawn patrol swim isn't much of an option and an evening swim gives me the sharkies.


Workouts for the Week of October 19, 2020

Monday, October 19

I'm still chipping away at running and hoping that my body doesn't end up injured again. So far, so good. So today was an easy run along the rail trail for 3.3 miles. I don't feel fit enough to push the pace, but it is naturally improving. Today's average pace was 10:54 per mile.

I ended my day with 30 minutes of yoga, which was much needed. My body continues to feel bound up.


Tuesday, October 20

Today's schedule was packed, but I managed to get a 30 minute session in on Zwift. It was mostly spinning on the flats of Watopia. It felt good to get on the bike after a long time off of it.


Wednesday, October 21

Today was meet up with Shelley for a run day. We are both trying to get back to running fitness and our paces are perfectly matched. She is a great running partner and we pass the time by discussing politics and religion. Quite literally. A total of 3.4 miles at a pace of 11:05 per mile. We meet up at 6:30 in the morning and it is quite dark when we start and light when we finish.

I finished the day with another 30 minutes of yoga. Perfect.


Thursday, October 22

I guess today was a rest day.


Friday, October 23

Another run with Shelley day. Another 3.4 miles, this time at a pace of 11:11 per mile.

This time I finished the day with yoga on the beach and some time for thoughts and reflections.


Saturday, October 24

Finally! A swim! Despite a very dreary and dark morning, I ventured to the beach to see who would be there to swim. A group had already taken off (as was evidenced by their swim bags sitting on the beach) and I saw another fellow swimmer down at the shore. I went ahead and changed into my gear and made my way on in.

I wasn't figuring to swim much, seeing as how I haven't swam in over a week. I ended up logging 1900 yards at an out-of-shape pace of 2:00 per mile. I was initially feeling pretty energetic and started swimming to the Poly Pier, but when I realized that I was being pushed to the Poly Pier and out to sea, I wisely turned to shore so I wouldn't be fighting the current on my (very fatigued) return.

The water was 60°F and the air temp was about the same. It felt cold.

After the swim, my fellow swimmers and I met up at the showers and watched the giant bait ball that was a few hundred yards off the end of the pier and the whales that were breaching in the bait ball.


Sunday, October 25

No activities today. Just doing chores at home.


Total for the Week

Only 1 swim for 1,918 yards.

3 runs for 10 miles

1 bike trainer session for 30 minutes

Wow, how my volume has dropped.


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